Anita Ahumada

2nd Term expires 8/1/2020

Anita Ahumada was appointed to the commission in 2012 and is currently serving her second term. Serving her Latino community is Anita’s passion. She conducts outreach and communicates to a variety of stakeholders in an effort to improve government agencies services tour community.

Anita’s areas of concentration are issues related to housing discrimination and language access. She was instrumental in passing SB 5046, which requires public notices of public health, safety, and welfare in a language other than English.

Anita believes that by being a cultural bridge for our communities we can change somebody’s world for the better and inspire them to strive for higher horizons for themselves and their children.

The Washington State Coalition of Language Access recently honored Anita as one of their Language Access Heros.

Residence : Olympia   P : (360) 451-2490   E :

Residence: Olympia

P: (360) 451-2490