Brian Moreno - Chair

1st Term expires 8/1/2019

Brian Moreno is a small business owner, who was appointed to the commission in 2016. He sees his role in his company as finding ways to inspire upward of 70 individuals to deliver high-quality experiences. It's a unique challenge, understanding each person's motivations, skills, and opportunities. He brings these same skills to his role as a commissioner.

Brian’s primary focus is on economic development. He is also passionate about safe communities and the role law enforcement plays within, as well as education. Connecting the lines between upward mobility and conditions of success is a fascinating art and crucial to our understanding of the opportunities ahead of us.

Brian’s strong outreach and collaboration skills, have allowed the commission to be counted upon for partnerships with local and state organizations. These partnerships are creating opportunities for young Latinos in the Tri-City area.

Residence:  Pasco   Phone:  (509) 760-9768   Email:

Residence: Pasco

Phone: (509) 760-9768