Latino Leadership Network

Ready to Train Your Brain?

Many of us have a lot on our minds. At times it can become overwhelming. Mindfulness can help you avoid common attentional patterns associated with anxiety and depression by training your attention to be more focused on the present.

The Latino Leadership Network will present a quick lesson at the next Lunch & Learn, Wednesday June 12. The Lunch & Learn will begin at 11:30 a.m. with networking at the Labor & Industries Building in Tumwater. Bring your lunch or stop by the L&I cafeteria on the second floor before joining us in the first-floor auditorium. Program activities will begin at noon.

If you are unable to attend in person, we will begin broadcasting the event through Facebook Live from the LLN Facebook page.

From this workshop you will learn how to improve your mental health by:

  • Learning how to recognize the patterns of your mind

  • Understanding the value of present moment focus

  • Recognizing the need for and the value of practice

  • Discovering simple practices to help you train your attention

This course is experiential and will allow you to explore mindfulness. The workshop will be led by Stacy Scheel Hirsch, a teacher, coach and facilitator who helps individuals develop greater personal skills so they are free to live, work and connect with who they are.