Latino Leadership Network

Through the power of Connection: Invest, Inspire and Serve

The Latino Leadership Network (LLN) is a Washington State employee resource group. We are an organization of Latinos and allies working to build, connect and inspire the Latino workforce in state government. We are driven to prepare outstanding Latino leaders and a qualified workforce that will serve our state today and tomorrow.

LLN reflects the rich Latinx diversity, culture and history seen across the state of Washington. An empowered resource group contributes to a state workforce that understands the communities it serves and improves the delivery of public policy.

Our Vision

Connecting and inspiring Washington State’s Latino Workforce and leaders of today and tomorrow.

Our Values

  • Leadership

  • Respect

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Excellence

  • Innovation

  • Public Service

  • Professionalism

  • Legacy and heritage

What we do

  • Networking

  • Promote professional development

  • Encourage leadership opportunities

  • Practice diversity and inclusion skills

  • Promote cultural connection and awareness

  • Celebrate our culture

  • Be catalysts for change

  • Be ambassadors at our agencies and communities


If you’re interested in subscribing to LLN’s Newsletter or serving on LLN’s board or a committee, please e-mail

If you’re interested in attending our events, they’re open to the public and are always advertised through our social media pages.

Our next event is Tuesday, Oct. 8 where we will begin to shape a tangible path for the Latino Leadership Network to bring more Latinos into state leadership. Find out more.

Contact information

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Social media:

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