Department of Social and Health Services invites you to apply to the DSHS Summer Internship 2019!

Our Internship Program is designed to attract students from a wide variety of educational institutions and socio economic backgrounds. The internships will afford you the opportunity to explore state government human service related careers while still in school, create contacts with state employees, and complete a meaningful project. We are confident that the experience gleaned from your internship will meet or exceed you towards your career goals.


Prior internships have included placements with exposure to social work in the Center for Forensic Services at psychiatric hospitals; survey research at Community Service Offices; development of programs for persons with developmental disabilities, service for our aging population, and policy development work for the department. Some interns used their DSHS experiences to select or change their majors and some have used the experience to formulate totally new career paths, including law!



This opportunity is available to qualified applicants currently enrolled at an accredited postsecondary college, university, or specialized technical or trade school. This recruitment will be used to establish a pool of Intern candidates who will be considered for the DSHS Summer Program that will run June 3, 2019 thru August 16, 2019 or June 17, 2019 thru August 31, 2019.


Stipend: DSHS will provide a stipend of up $2000.00 month


Duties: Project will include some of the following elements

Assist in administrative, planning, systems, fiscal, social service or management-oriented projects in a State agency. Positions allocated to this series are designed to provide experience in some aspect of service or business in human and social services. Incumbents will receive training in departmental procedures and will be assigned productive tasks and assignments in a specific professional area.


Two start and completion dates for the Summer Internship program (subject to change):

·         June 3 – August 16; and

·         June 17 – August 31.


How to Apply:

Interested and qualified applicants should attach the following in application posting:

·         A cover letter explaining how you meet the qualifications for this position and why you are interested in this position.

·         Documentation showing current enrollment in good standing at an accredited postsecondary college, university, or specialized technical or trade school.

·         Chronological Resume.

·         A 300 – 500 word essay response to the following questions:

o   The Mission of the Department of Social and Health Services is “Transforming Lives.” Please describe why it is important to you to work for DSHS, the state’s largest agency that exists for the purpose of “transforming lives”.

o   What unique skills, interests or experience will you bring to DSHS that will contribute to our active pursuit of diversity and inclusion in our workplace and services?

·         Three references, including one who is familiar with your abilities to think strategically, analyze information, and communicate with others.

·         Complete the Internship Preference Form that is attached, then save to file and attach in application.